About Me

  • Graduate in Social Communication, graduated from UCAB University, nationally and internationally registered.
  • Certified as a Professional Radio Announcer (Radio Host) by the UCV (Central University of Venezuela) with number 22,126 and National College of Journalists 13,050.
  • Host of Radio INDI 101.5 FM Toronto Hamilton, Canada.
  • Caracol International correspondent. “La W” station. Programs: Julio Sánchez Cristo, Vicky Dávila, Adriana Álvarez Uribe.
  • Collaborator of the Espejo Público program on Antena 3 in Spain.
  • Columnist for Credenciales Magazine in Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Author of the Book Valiente Corazón, dedicated to censorship in Venezuela. Printed by Libros de El Nacional 2013.
  • Host of E! Entertainment Television with broadcasts in USA, MEXICO, COLOMBIA, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL AND CHILE.
  • Presenter of programs on Televen-Telemundo, Venevisión, RCTV.
  • Special Guest and HOST of the launch of the Pirelli Calendar in London-England 2015-2016.
  • Special Guest and HOST of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.
  • Brand Ambassador of world-renowned brands such as LUFTHANSA, MAC, SWAROVSKI, HUBLOT, MARIO HERNANDEZ.
  • Brand Ambassador of the Island of Aruba (Kingdom of the Netherlands) decorated by the Aruban Parliament.
  • Voice, image and assistant consultant for the Venezuelan radio circuit: FM CENTER (64 stations nationwide, 3 DirectTV channels: 978-979-985).
  • Host of the CONTIGO … CATERINA VALENTINO Program in PRIME TIME SCHEDULE from 5 to 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday on FM CENTER where national and international information is covered.
  • Columnist for the newspaper El Nacional.
  • Columnist for the digital media Caraota Digital, positioned in Venezuela for his street work.

Presence in the media, cover of many magazines

Articles, reviews and interviews conducted by magazines with different focuses: Fashion, News, Lifestyles, Personalities, Entrepreneurship and many more…

When looking for someone to give you the best advice, look for a mirror...

Honors &


  • Awarded by the Government of Italy with the ordine Stella D’Italia. Cavaliere. Year 2019, in recognition for his work as a journalist and figure in the entertainment industry and for strengthening the cultural relationship between Italy and Venezuela.
  • Awarded by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia with the order DIGNITY AND COUNTRY IN DEGREE OF COMMITMENT in 2017, in recognition for her 20 years of professional work in Venezuela and 8 years as a correspondent in Colombia.
  • Recognition of the City of Miami as a leader of the Hispanic community that contributes to the City of Miami. Mayor Francis Suarez. 2024
  • Certificate of Recognition “Artistic Merit & Distinction” by Miami Dade Councilman, Christian Cevallos. Year 2023.
  • Recognized by the Mayor’s Office of the city of Doral Miami, United States for her humanitarian work with her Foundation “Los Buenos Somos Más”, 2017.
  • Honorary Citizen of the city of San Chirico Raparo. Basilicata. Italy.
  • Decorated as an Example of a Woman, within the framework of International Women’s Month by the Mayor’s Office of the Municipality of El Hatillo, Venezuela.
  • Recognized for the work of truthfully and timely informing the Venezuelan people, by the Commission of Popular Power and Media of the National Assembly of Venezuela, 2018.
  • Decorated for outstanding work as a Journalist by the Municipal Council of the Mayor’s Office of Baruta with the Renny Ottolina Order, 2018.
  • Decorated as an Example of a Woman, within the framework of International Women’s Day by the Mayor’s Office of Baruta.
  • Decorated for her work as a Social Communicator by the Government of the Miranda State, in Venezuela with the Francisco de Miranda Order, 2017.
  • Decorated for her work as a communication professional, with the highest distinction awarded by the Mayor’s Office of Chacao
  • Decorated for her journalistic work, with the CECILIO ACOSTA ORDER awarded by the Mayor’s Office of Sucre.
  • Recognition for Journalist’s Day granted by the Mayor’s Office of the Municipality of El Hatillo.
  • Recognized with Latin American Excellences Awards as one of the Ambassadors of Aruba by 2016, for her work as a JOURNALIST AND INFLUENCER on the Island of Aruba in 2016.
  • Anthony of Gold Internacional 2010 as PRESENTER OF THE YEAR.
  • Mara de Oro Internacional 2009 as RADIO HOST OF THE YEAR.
  • International Gold Cacique Distinction 2008 PRESENTER OF THE YEAR.
  • Awarded the Order of CITIZEN EXCELLENCE 2007 in Caracas.
  • Mara de Oro Internacional 2006 as RADIO HOST OF THE YEAR.